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Wheel Of Civilizations

Goal of this project is rather hard to define. My mind is filled with ideas about new RTS, the problem is, that the project as I imagine it is too large for one man to accomplish (in like less than five yrs :D ), so in this phase mine goal is to find some enthusiast to start with me. In the end - the real goal is to get huge amount of players, become famous and die rich in arms of beutifull whore... ;)

I'd like to build multiplayer strategy game, which will combine elements of classical Age of Empires, modern Total War series and some approaches even from MineCraft (you wonder? Ask for more! :P ).

Combination of those factors will enable players to build pretty much original nation - economical, technological, military and industrial profilation of players nation will result in RPG like entity, which he holds and grows.

I'd be happy if you contact me about more information. Currently I have few classes as a base for map engine, unit navigation and basic object tree/structure. Also, I have 5 page pdf with concepts and detailed info about the game, but it is in Czech language. If someone not Czech/Slovak was interested, I might translate it to English in few hours, just write :)

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